Primary Classes

Children learn from experimenting with what is around them. They are like sponges with five senses. They taste it, touch it, hear it, see it, feel it, and then lick it again for good measure. For children ages 15 to 36 months, the need for rich experiences is imperative, and that is what the Montessori staff and the Montessori environment are equipped to provide. Trained staff members, with a wide variety of resources, personally observe and assist the child to exercise mind, body, and spirit in true independence. Our toddler space is to toddlers as outer space is to adults it’s a whole “new world,” unimaginably exciting and diverse. Children learn best when they are in a community with their peers, where they feel safe and valued, and where their physical needs are met. This is when they can practice new skills and challenge themselves for the next level. Development proceeds at varying rates from child to child as well as within each child’s range of social-emotional growth. The teacher sets up the environment for the child to control and take care of, helping the child to build independence, respect for the environment and self- esteem. When the child feels pride in his/her work, it creates a sense of belonging that says, “Hey, I can do this, and I feel good!”

  • 15 months (walking independently) to 36 months.
  • Montessori trained guides and assistants.
  • 7 to 1 ratio.
  • A prepared environment which allows exploration, independence, grace and courtesy, and activities to help form mathematical minds.
  • Classrooms rich in Montessori material that encourages the child to exercise their mind, body and spirit in true independence.
  • A curriculum that provides activities in practical life, manipulatives, language, art, music, mathematics and peace education.

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