Primary Classes

The Montessori Infant environment is a safe, welcoming and nurturing environment that focuses on all areas of your child’s development with special focus on each child’s independence, cognitive and emotional growth and language. Our Montessori trained infant guides prepare the classroom with exploration in mind. The space is safe and designed to meet the developmental needs of the youngest members of our MIM community. The Montessori education at this level is based on both physical and brain development. Our Montessori guides follow the infants’ schedules and allow them to nap when they are tired, eat when they are hungry, and explore when they are ready. Our purpose is to provide a loving and inviting place for each child to begin a life of love for exploration and learning.

  • 2 months to 18 months and walking independently
  • Montessori trained guides and assistants.
  • 4 to 1 ratio.
  • Our Infant program nurtures the sense of trust and security in each child.
  • A baby who feels safe also feels free to grow, move and explore their surroundings.
  • Developmentally individualized program that follows at each child’s natural pace.
  • Focus on independence, language, exploration and cognitive growth.

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