Yolibeth Borjas
Primary Spanish Immersion Assistant

Hello my name is Yolibeth or Yoli for short. I was born in Tacoma and graduated from Curtis Senior High School. I am half Honduran and half Mexican and am always excited to share any information regarding my culture/heritage because I think it’s very beautiful and it’s always been very

important to me.

I love art, music and nature; combine all three and it would be my perfect day. My dislikes are mean people, spiders and craisins. I knew at a very young age that I had a passion for helping others and its where I feel the most comfortable. My dream is to own a little house on a good

amount of land to have enough room to start an animal sanctuary. Its my first year at MIM and I am already feeling like this is the perfect place for me. I cannot wait to start the new year!