Autumn El- Masry
Infant Assistant

Hi there! I’m Autumn and my pronouns are they/them.

Childcare is something that I’ve always been surrounded by with my mother being an educator and nanny for as long as I’ve been alive. After the collapse of my former career of being a chef due to the pandemic I fell back onto what I was always familiar with. Since I’ve been working with kids the past few years I’ve found a love for the environment, and being a part of the community.

A huge part of my inspiration to work with children is to be a part of growing acceptance for different cultures and lifestyles in the next generation. When I was a kid and struggled with either mental issues, or feelings of confusion about the world, I never felt like there was a resource or place I could go to for support to help me learn more about myself, or the struggles I’m facing and I wish to be that place for the next generation.

In my free time, I’m an avid video/board gamer and an amateur mycologist with a large focus on eco-conservation and sustainability. I live in the Pierce County area with my wife, and dream one day of starting a homestead.