Asli Ulusoy
Toddler Assistant

With a diverse background in bachelor’s

degree in Secondary Education Teaching in

Philosophy and MS degree in Rehabilitation

Counseling, I worked as a school counselor

and a volunteer educator for several years with

age groups ranging from 1 to 17, and people

with disabilities from all age groups as a Job

Placement/Vocational Specialist both in

Istanbul /Turkey and the US. Yet, I must

confess the most fun and rewarding part was

spending time with the infants and preschool

age group. I must have some sort of aura that

works like a magnet, so I can attract kids right

away. smile

I earned my Master of Science degree In

Rehabilitation Counseling at the University of

Texas Pan-American and became a Certified

Rehab Counselor in 2012.

However, after giving birth to my son, I decided to raise him by myself until my husband and I

find a good educational setting for him. We discovered the Montessori Method at that time,

and that is how I felt passionate about its philosophy. Fostering and enhancing each child’s

natural wonder and guiding them to work independently and respectfully was the perfect

match so I became a proud, Montessori mom and since then learned a lot!

I am now so excited and thankful to find an opportunity to be a part of this amazing MIM

family as a toddler assistant teacher and can’t wait to learn more about the Montessori Method

while I was wearing my counselor and teacher hats at the same time.

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful family including our furry

kids, traveling, plant-based cooking, art, recycling craft and jewellery making. Also gaining

pottery skills is number 1 on my near future bucket list